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Digital Duplicator Sales & Service in Phoenix, AZ

If you have any questions about digital duplicator sales and service in Phoenix, AZ, be sure to call Arizona Duplicator & Copier Supply, LLC. Continue to read to learn more about digital duplicators.

A digital duplicator is a high-speed printing machine that provides low-cost copies when you need many copies from the same original, or otherwise known as "duplicates." The digital duplicator uses ink and masters as consumables. It prints at speeds up to 180 pages per minute and can print 2000 copies of the same original on a single master. Most duplicators have a single feed tray that may hold up to 1000 sheets of paper. Digital duplicators can feed a wide variety of paper stock; almost like a printing press. Because it uses a master, the cost per-copy below 25 makes it more expensive than a copier to operate. However, if you're printing, say 150 copies, then your per-copy cost can go down to 0.004 cents a copy. The cost for copies on a toner-based copier never changes from about 1.6 to 2 cents per copy. Digital duplicators have a life expectancy of between 5 and 10 million copies. Additionally, because the duplicator doesn't have a fuser, which creates heat throughout the copier and is the leading culprit that causes jamming, outside of the feed tires, the duplicator very seldom jams. We have duplicators in the field that have 10-12 million copies on them. We do not have a single copier in the area that has run that many copies and lived to tell about it. A paste ink and paper master digital duplicator are found in schools and churches. However, there are many other applications fit for a duplicator. They are used in gun stores, photographic studios, commercial print shops, and, etc. If you frequently print flyers, for example, the duplicator may be a perfect fit.

Arizona Duplicator & Copier Supply, LLC of Phoenix provides a variety of Digital Duplicator inks and masters. From the normal paste black or color inks for Riso, Gestetner, Standard, Duplo and Ricoh duplicators to the Riso Inkjet Duplicators, We have excellent technicians that will keep the high-performance duplicator running at max productivity. Sadly, you will see your technician very infrequently.

Ultimately, if you plan on creating dozens to hundreds of copies of the same thing, a digital duplicator will cost far less to operate. Ask about our digital duplicator sales and service today.