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The idea of a  paper-free office is a charming idea, but one that we rarely ever see executed. The reality of today's world is that paper is still useful! 

Things people still print and copy regularly:

  • Boarding Passes: The lines during the holidays can be so crazy we don't want to wait for the little machines at the terminal to issue our boarding passes! Many people would rather just print them at home.
  • Art: We like to change up the art and there is a great selection of printable art that is at our disposal online. All we have to do is buy or design it ourselves and print.
  • Invoices & Resumes: As much as we would prefer to send everything electronically, many companies still prefer to receive hard copies.

  • Shipping Labels: Many products need to be sent back after we've reviewed them and this means printing shipping labels.

  • Photos: While we do view our photos primarily digitally, we also like to display some around the house.

Phoenix Arizona Duplicator , Printer and Copier Repair

What do you need to know when it comes to printer repair , copier repair, and duplicator repair? What are your options and how can these things save you time and money in the long run?

Many parts can stop printers, copiers and duplicators from operating properly. Some general parts range from paper feed tires, transfer rollers, a myriad of sensors, springs, latches, paper stripper fingers, and , etc. Then there's the more exotic parts such as; main logic board, power supply, carriage, and exhaust fans. Of course there's always the dreaded drums, fusers, and miscellaneous rubber rollers that cause paper feeding problems at the worst possible times. Removing and replacing parts can be complex. If you try to do the repairs yourself, you could make the problems worse!

Don't make ill-advised attempts to repair complex problems. Call and talk to us and maybe we can help you over the phone.

Here are a few tips to help you save time and money, while you decide if repair of your printer, copier or duplicator is needed by us, the professionals. 

Printers: The ink nozzles of your inkjet printer can get clogged up from a lack of use. If some wayward ink settles in the nozzle, it will dry over that idle period, blocking the ink behind it from getting through when you need it. The easiest way to prevent clogged inkjet heads is to print regularly and keep the ink nozzles moist.

Copiers: The photocopier is present in every office! In order to ensure that the machine functions properly, it is important that you invest your time in proper maintenance. Proper cleaning of your copier and regular replacement of toner is something that is extremely important for the machine to work well.

These are simple steps that you can do to maintain your machines. These preventive measures will help to prevent breakdowns and will save you time and money in the long run. If, however, the problems continue; then call us.