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Phoenix Toner Refill Supplier

If you are looking for a great way to save money on your current printing expenses, you may want to consider using toner refill for your printer or copier. Toner refill has become increasingly popular in recent years as people are learning the many benefits that can be received from using this type of toner. Below is a closer look at how these refills for your toner can help save you money and protect the environment at the same time.

Less Expensive

It should not surprise you to learn that toner refill is less expensive than purchasing a brand new toner cartridge every time. In fact, it is estimated that these refills can save you as much as 30 percent off the cost of purchasing new toner cartridges. Depending on how many copiers and printers you have, you can end up saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on toner supplies alone.

Toner Refill in Phoenix Arizona

The thing to remember is that the toner cartridge itself is very durable and can withstand several refills over the course of its life. This makes it perfect for refilling and using over and over again. Once the original toner is drained, new high-quality toner can be refilled to transform the printer toner to like-new condition again. Since the cartridge itself does not need to be replaced, the overall expense of toner refill is lower.

Save the Environment

It is estimated that more than 300 million printer and copier toner cartridges are tossed in the garbage every year. In addition, it can take up to 450 years for each cartridge to decompose in the landfills. Not to mention that fact that the leftover ink can drain from the cartridge and seep into the ground or water supply.

You can play a role in saving the environment by using toner refills in your printer or copier. Cutting back on the use of new ink toner can help to reduce your carbon footprint by more than 30 percent. This environmental awareness is good for both you and your customers, who would be glad to know that you are taking measures to reduce your carbon footprint.

Same Quality

It is important that you realize that using toner refill does not reduce the quality of the toner itself or the quality of the print it provides. The original toner is totally drained and replaced with new, high-quality toner. This helps to ensure that print quality of your printer or copier will not be reduced. The toner used to refill the cartridge is made with high-quality materials and it still produces the same high-quality print standard that you require.

Toner refill cartridges are available in Phoenix at Arizona Duplicator & Copier Supply, LLC for most major brands, including Brother, Canon, Dell, IBM, HP, Xerox, Sharp and Toshiba. They are both affordable and high-quality, as well as durable. You can help save money and protect the environment without decreasing the quality of your printer or copier by using toner refills. Ordering with Arizona Duplicator & Copier Supply, LLC is extremely easy and can be done online, over the phone, through fax or by email.

Phoenix Toner Refill Supplier in Phoenix Arizona